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I pursued becoming a Recognized Fluency Specialist as the area of fluency disorders is one of my passions I am a nationally certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

To meet the needs of the public I am particularly targeting disorders of fluency i.e. stuttering.  I believe in a multi-pronged approach including working on the “ABC’s”:  A=Affective domain (emotions, attitudes both within the person who stutters and others around him/her) ; B=Behavioral domain (the speech itself); C=Cognitive domain (what you/we know about Fluency and Dysfluency).  The person who stutters becomes the Expert.  Much can be done to help a person speak more fluently as well as stutter more fluently, regardless of age. Therapy differs depending on whether a patient is preschool, grade school, high school or an adult. 
Much literature defaults to using "he/him/his" because more males stutter. 
 Getting well educated about the occurrence and facts re: stuttering vs disfluency is the first step :) is an excellent place to check out ---it does not replace a specialist but it is full of fantastic info. There may be a lot for you to digest but just take one step at a time. 
Re: Insurance.  Until recently, therapy for "stuttering" was rarely covered.  HOWEVER, huge breakthrough this past October.  The code for a BRAND NEW (10/2010) diagnosis is ICD-9CM 315.39 “Childhood onset fluency disorder, not a developmental condition”. When checking on insurance coverage and benefits, express that you are requesting information on Fluency.   Note how the term "stuttering" is never used.    307.0  Adult onset fluency disorder. 
Full details: NEW Diagnostic Fluency codes:

I have expertise in a wide range of other speech or communication disorders and can implement or supplement therapy according to individual therapeutic needs year round.  If you are interested in a screening or evaluation, I can provide that as well.

I have professional and client references available upon request.  I look forward to meeting with you. 


Did you know that Bruce Willis, Tiger Woods, Jack Welch, Carly Simon, John Stossel, Bo Jackson, Charles Darwin, Eisenhower and many, many other VERY successful folks stutter(ed)?   YOU can achieve anything YOU put your mind to :)