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..........well, Shut My Mouth !

After the correction of a chronic nasal airway problem, often the open-lips rest posture remains an adverse habit.  This often is due to weakness of the lip (labial) muscles, sometimes a case of “lip incompetency”.

Reasons to breathe through your nose:

  • Your nasal passage is nature’s filtering system for many of the air pollutants in our environment.  Mucus (the slick and slimy secretion from the nose’s membranes) and nose hair “catch” these particles before you breathe them into your throat and lungs.
  • The nose warms the air you breathe with its built-in heat exchangers and humidifies so that it can more easily enter the lungs.
  • The nose is one of the cleanest organs of your body as it contains “germ-killer” (lysozyme) enzymes that wipe out bacteria!
  • When you mouth breathe, the mouth tends to dry out and the gums may become red and swollen (gingivitis). This may lead to serious problems.
  • With an open mouth habit, mouth bacteria grows rapidly, plaque becomes stickier and tartar buildup increases!  YUCK!
  • Your appearance is more attractive when breathing with your lips together….. just look at other people around you.  Also, studies show that a person with an open mouth at rest is viewed as less intelligent than he/she really is!

As if these were not reasons enough to use your nose….. with the mouth open, the tongue tends to rest low and too far forward and may negatively change the growth of your teeth, mouth and even your face!  The upper lip can begin to curl upward while the lower one may droop downward; both lips could also become too weak to stay closed easily.  When lips are comfortably closed, they act as Nature’s retainer!

If you are concerned, help is available by contacting an Orofacial Myologist.

HINT:  Sometimes a clogged, stuffy nose may also be one of the reasons for mouth breathing so remember to …Blow that nose!

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