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Signs & Symptoms To Screen for Tongue Thrust
e.g. Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder

Presence of one or more of the following:
□Speech difficulties
          Informal Speech Screen Suggestions:
          Ask patient to count from 1 to 20.  Listen to speech sounds.
          Then engage them in a brief conversation.

Developmental Sequence of Sounds  (75% of Children Typically master by Age Shown)
           By Age 4:       p, b, m, h, w, n, f, k, g
           By Age 5:       t, d, ng, y
           By Age 6:       sh, ch, l, th (voiced as in “this”)
           By Age 7:       j, v, wh, zh (“garage”), th (unvoiced “thumb”), r
           By Age 8:       s, z

If you suspect a speech delay, please refer on to a speech-language pathologist, who may also be an orofacial myologist.

□Habitual open mouth posture, perhaps with snoring at night.
□Lips apart at rest or during swallows
□Tongue visibly forward during eating or at rest
□Facial smirk or grimace during swallow, or using a tightened lower lip
         to seal the mouth closed.
□Open spaces (where teeth should be), through which a tongue comes during
         swallows or at rest
□A tongue that comes forward into a cup when taking a drink or meets a spoon
□Dimpling appearance to chin when swallowing
□Washing food down with excessive amounts of liquid
□Messy eating, excessive drooling, and/or crumbs that lodge in corners of
          the mouth.  Food is not entirely swallowed or pocketing in cheeks.
□Loose, flaccid lip tone, or teeth that are visible in the presence of an arched
           upper lip
□Improperly chewed food resulting in frequent stomach pains and gas
□Excessive elongated facial growth
□Head seems to bob forward when a swallow is completed.

Rule of Thumb
All sounds should be mastered by age 8 years old.  If you suspect a speech delay, please refer to a speech-language pathologist, who may also be an orofacial myologist.

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